Group Leader : Ann Marie Mallon

The BioComputing programme's principal aims are to provide underpinning support for developments in two key areas - mouse phenotyping and next generation sequencing. Both areas are critical to mouse genetics and interlink critically with research programmes at MRC Harwell and activities in wider consortia in the community in which MRC Harwell is intimately involved.

The group's specific areas of interest are:

  • Providing tools and novel approaches for the annotation of mouse phenotypes, which underpins the development, utilisation and dissemination of disease models - a vital broader remit for MRC Harwell.
  • Developing phenotype databases for the acquisition and dissemination of mouse phenotyping information, an activity that is interlinked with our leading involvement in the coordination of European and International programmes in mouse phenotyping.
  • Developing tools for the identification, analysis and dissemination of sequence variant information identified through NGS. The BioComputing group will work closely with the Disease Model Discovery Group to develop tools which will maximise the utility of NGS to identify mutations.
  • Continuing to develop the MouseBook portal to ensure ready access and dissemination of information resources from the Harwell campus.

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